Autor: Wesley Mendes da Silva

Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards Driving and Demand for Private Insurance

We analyze associations between gender and risk driver and insurance demand. Our research results suggest: i) women feel a greater need to have insurance to protect themselves in acidentes; ii) women tend to have more respect for speed limits in various situations; iii) men feel safer driving in various situations, e.g. after drinking or being tired; and iv) men seem less responsible, more confident and feel less need to purchase insurance.

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Board Social Capital Reduces Implied Cost of Capital For Private Companies But not of State-Owned Companies

The board relational resources, both in direct and heterogeneous ties, significantly reduce the implied cost of capital for private companies, but not for state-owned companies. Board social capital reduces the cost of capital even when the results compete with the board structure and concentration of ownership, being able to mitigate the discount in the cost of capital by the presence of dominant shareholders.

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